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Trillion Cut diamonds are three sided cuts. Many of these cuts are trademarked cuts. The triangle cut tends to be a stepped facet cut while the "Trillion" and other variations of this more modern cut are based upon a brilliant style cut. The fire and beauty of these cuts is spectacular. Trillions are basically triangular in shape, usually with truncated corners, with a variety of facets. The trillion stone has bowed sides, so it's not based on the straight triangle cut but tends more to follow the brilliant round's facet style. Depth here is OK in the 30-40% range; this is a cut that is much more based on a shallower footprint.

Trillion Cut diamonds have 25 facets on the crown and 19 facets on the pavilion.
Trilliant cut diamonds have the sharp corners of a true triangle while trillion cuts have slightly more rounded corner.

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