Specializing in Fancy
Matching Pairs
G.S Diamonds' specialty is cutting precisely matching pairs of fancy shapes of all sizes, colors and clarities.
With over 25 years of experience in cutting diamonds, we enable you to find the matching pairs that will meet your special needs, allowing you to design your own original and unique jewelry.
Our company was established in 1982 by Shaul Shiri and Yossi Goldstein, both members of the Israeli Diamonds Exchange. For 10 years, Shaul Shiri was the chairman of the Technology Committee of the Israeli Diamonds Institute, where he led the development of new equipment, including Laser and advanced computer technology for manufacturing diamonds.
What sets G.S Diamonds apart is:
We can create/match any kind of shape you will need
* Our long- standing relationships with suppliers that help us maintain a constant supply of suitable rough diamonds.
* We provide Special Orders and Reorders in the highest quality.
* We are located in L.A and N.Y
* Our Israeli factory combines tremendous expertise with the most advanced manufacturing technologies that allows us to deliver high – quality diamonds in a remarkable variety of shapes, sizes, colors and clarities, in a reasonable price.
We supply a variety of shapes such as half moons, trapezoids, shields, kites etc. In addition we have designed a collection of unique shapes. 
* Our professional service team includes a very experienced sales staff with a deep understanding of the market and your special needs.