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The Trapezoid cut diamond is the geometric shape with the top and bottom sides parallel and the other two sides slanted. The Trapezoid shape diamonds could be produced in brilliant-cut or step-cut. The brilliant-cut Trapezoid diamonds will perfectly fit as side's stones to a rectangular center such as Radiant or Princess Stones while the step-cut Trapezoid diamonds are usually used with center Emerald or Asscher stones.
The Trapezoid diamonds are cut as matched pairs to fit the center.
In earlier years this shape diamonds were called Trapeze and were traditionally step-cut used with Emerald centers. With the gained popularity of Princess and Radiant cut centers, the brilliant-cut Trapeze has emerged.
One of the recent versions of the Trapezoid shape diamonds are the Crescent cut which have curved edge on the long straight side. These curved edge Trapezoids are well used as matched side stones to cushion, oval, marquise and round centers.

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