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Tapered Baguette

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A tapered baguette is a small, elongated diamond where the two long sides taper inward to form a long trapezoidal shape. The word "baguette" comes from the French word for a long, narrow loaf of bread. The tapered baguette is a step cut with the classic elegance of the emerald shape and not the sparkle of brilliant cuts.
The look of the tapered baguette lends itself to use as matched side stones flanking rounds, ovals, princess and other classic shapes.
Tapered baguettes are generally set one on each side of a center stone but can be grouped together to form a bigger look. Two or three tapered baguettes on each side produce a fan shaped pattern.
Mixtures of straight and tapered baguettes can be used to create unique jewelry designs. The baguettes can be channel set to form curves and other fascinating shapes which make it a versatile cut from a design perspective.
Baguettes are very clear. When they are used as matched pairs, they should be similar in quality, color and clarity to each other and the stone they are enhancing.

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