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Asscher cut diamond was developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland. It is a stepped square cut, often called the "square emerald cut" and like an emerald the Asscher has cropped corners.
An Asscher stone is cut with a series of many parallel steps, creating a hall-of-mirrors effect when looking deeply into the stone. These steps create more internal refraction and diamond fire than typical step cut stones, such as the elongated emerald cut or the radiant, which has only slightly trimmed corners.
In 2001, the Asscher diamond was redesigned and re patented to make it more difficult for counterfeit cuts to be distributed. Modern stones have slightly smaller corners and a larger central table. Sixteen additional facets were added to increase the cut’s sparkle, and modern Asschers have a total of 74 facets per finished stone. A deep cutlet at the base of both vintage and modern Asschers accentuates the depth of the stone by drawing the eye into the gem with startling clarity.

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